Digital Signage: All about Data and M2M


The future of digital signage, much like connected devices, will center around data and M2M. Such is the case with the new Smart Signage Platform from Samsung,, which the company unveiled at this week’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

The company says the Smart Signage Platform is an integrated, open-source platform built around an embedded media player and software developer kit. Focusing on the latter, the developer kit will allow software partners to develop customized signage applications for variety of uses on the Smart Signage Platform.

Some software developers and solution providers already involved in the application ecosystem include Capital Networks,, Four Winds Interactive,, Scala,, Signagelive,, and Wireless Ronin,

Samsung’s Senior Vice President Tod Pike says the Smart Signage Platform will allow developers to create apps that enable delivery of dynamic content and messaging.

The Smart Signage Platform is cloud-based and has the ability to locally or remotely send data from a Web server directly to a display, which will allow software providers to distribute software updates and changes directly to the displays that are connected to the platform.

Additionally, the platform from Samsung is compatible with the 2013 ME – C Series, PE – C Series, and MD – C Series of Samsung digital signage products.

For organizations looking to deploy digital signage, Samsung’s new platform is designed to not only ease deployment, but also allow for the growth of a new application ecosystem with software developers and content providers.

Data and M2M are the crux of a good solution in the digital signage industry. With the advent of the Smart Signage Platform and an application ecosystem, this allows Samsung to continue to develop new opportunities for data delivery in the future.

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