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With Super Bowl XLVII coming up in New Orleans, the event promises to be not only a showcase of athletic talent, but also an opportunity to display advanced technology. As millions of consumers turn their attention to the game, connected solutions will be on hand to help make the event more convenient and entertaining for fans. 

When we think of the Super Bowl, we can’t help but think of advertising. When advertisers want to make a splash today, they often turn to interactive marketing. iSIGNMedia Solutions,, provides multiplatform advertising solutions that use technologies including Bluetooth, mobile, Wi-Fi, and LBS (location-based services) to target messages to consumers. During Super Bowl week, the company’s Smart Antennas are being used at Mardi Gras World, the site of the Host Committee Media Party event.

iSIGN is providing the antennas in the artist studios and warehouse of Mardi Gras World. The Smart Antenna is a device that includes both hardware and a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi transceiver. It uses Bluetooth to indentify mobile devices within 300 feet and pushes messages to them. Wi-Fi connectivity provides another way for the antenna to communicate with smartphones.

By allowing for location-based advertising, the solution provides a way to target consumers in the immediate area. iSIGN says attendees at Mardi Gras World were able to receive notifications promoting elements of the event at certain points as they moved through the party. For instance, attendees may have learned more about a particular dish being served or about a musical act.

While the Super Bowl is a major stage for innovative marketing technologies, sporting events of all kinds are integrating the solutions. The Los Angeles Clippers are using a mobile marketing system from Mobivity Holdings Corp.,, a company focused on interactive solutions. Mobivity’s mobile marketing platform will bring fans into the game in new ways.

During games, in-stadium graphics will drive fan engagement, allowing for live polling and other interactive elements. Fans can use their mobile devices to engage with online promotions during the event by answering questions, viewing additional content, or providing comments.

Apps are another aspect of interactive communications popular for sporting events. For this year’s Super Bowl, the NFL will offer an app designed to provide additional content to fans. The Super Bowl XLVII Official Guide Presented by Verizon will feature a guide to Super Bowl events, as well as pointing out nearby restaurants, nightlife, and other local spots if the user is in the area. Notifications about the game will be sent directly to the user’s phone.

Earlier in the season, football fans could access the “In The Huddle” app created by ACTV8,, and sponsored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to access features related to Sunday and Monday night football. The app allowed fans to make realtime predictions about games, such as the final score. They could also play interactive games and participate in live conversations.

Sporting events want to bring a new level of interactivity to the games, allowing people a connected experience they’ve come to expect with devices like smartphones and tablets. Consumers want to not only view an event, but participate in the action. With connected solutions, fans can have a deeper experience via mobile devices and signage.

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