QNX Showcases Auto Tech at CES


Automotive technology is front and center at the 2013 Intl. CES in Las Vegas, as both automakers and tech firms roll out new solutions. The connected car is gaining traction and aims to provide services and safety for drivers. 

A number of CES announcements from QNX Software Systems, www.qnx.com, relate to connected-car technology. QNX announced a technology concept car that demonstrates the company’s QNX Car application platform 2.0. The car is based on a Bentley Continental GT convertible, and includes technologies designed to create a “connected cockpit” for the driver.

For instance, the concept car includes natural voice recognition based on AT&T Watson. This allows for a hands-free system to control the media player and navigation. QNX says the Watson framework allows the speech recognition system to understand a speaker’s intent. On the server, the AT&T Watson speech engine analyzes words and fits them to known patterns. Results are sent from the cloud to the car, and the in-vehicle intent engine from QNX then completes the process.

QNX’s also announced that a release of its QNX CAR application platform 2.0 is available to the automotive community. The platform provides a pre-integrated solution with access to technologies from both QNX and ecosystem partners.

Solutions such as these are helping to make a fully connected car a reality.

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