Flexible Tablets Mimic Paper


Tablets may be changing, perhaps becoming more flexible and paper-like. At 2013 Intl. CES in Las Vegas, companies are showing off this type of technology.

Intel, www.intel.com, Plastic Logic, www.plasticlogic.com, and Queen’s University, www.queensu.ca, are working together to develop a tablet with a flexible screen. Called the PaperTab, the companies say it looks and feels like a piece of paper. Users can bend one side of the display to navigate through pages like a magazine, without pressing a button.

PaperTab will have a 10.7-inch plastic display from Plastic Logic. In past years, Plastic Logic had previously touted its own tablet, the QUE, which was to have been targeted at business users. PaperTab also includes a second generation Intel CoreTM i5 Processor. The device aims for a more paper-like experience, providing users with ten or more interactive displays or “PaperTabs,” one per app in use. This feature is designed to make it easier to work with multiple documents.

Will flexible tablets become the norm? No release date has yet been announced for PaperTab, but it has the potential to change the market.

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