Black Friday Shoppers Turn to Apps


It’s Black Friday, and for many people that means shopping, shopping, and more shopping. If you’re the type who likes to know about all the deals, coupons, and special offers at your favorite stores, a variety of M2M-enabled shopping apps are available to take some of the hassle out of holiday shopping.

More than ever, shoppers plan to use their smartphones. A survey from Deloitte,, found 68% of smartphone owners plan to use their devices for holiday shopping. Additionally, shoppers with smartphones are predicted to spend 72% more during the holidays than those without.

So what will these shoppers be doing with their devices? Deloitte says 62% will primarily use their devices to get store locations, while 58% will check and compare prices, and 50% will obtain product information.

There is no shortage of apps for these smartphone-clutching shoppers. In addition to general shopping apps, many retail stores have developed their own apps designed to supply information—they’re hoping to convert a browser into a buyer. Walmart,, is an example of a store with its own app. It allows users to create shopping and wish lists, keep a running tab of items, check on a product’s availability, and confirm a price. Shoppers can scan product barcodes into the app, or say a product’s name.

A location function will show an item’s location in the aisle. For Black Friday, interactive store maps will be available along with clickable items from the store’s Black Friday advertisement.

Some apps focus more on the “check-in” aspect of visiting a store. ShopKick,, uses ceiling-mounted emitters to communicate with a smartphone app using a tone only the phone can hear. The app keeps track of stores the shopper visits, rewarding the consumer with “kicks,” which can be redeemed for various rewards.

For the shopper looking to compare prices, SnapTell,, could be a beneficial option. The app lets the user take a photo of any book, DVD, CD, or video games. It then calls up information including ratings, descriptions, and links to various sites to purchase the item. Alternately, users can scan a barcode instead of snapping a photo.

For even more mobile shopping apps, check out the article “Pick Your Holiday Shopping Apps.” Whether or not you join the shopping fray on Black Friday, these apps may help to ease your shopping tasks during the season.

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