Connectivity for the Car, Even in Remote Locations


Security, navigation, and infotainment: These are all great systems to have in your car, but in order for many of the applications to work, the vehicle needs to be connected. What happens when you are cruising in a remote area that lacks 3G or 4G connectivity? How about when you are driving through an urban canyon in a city and can’t use LBS (location-based services) and navigation functions?

Enter an LTE cellular module that can connect your car even when you are traveling in isolated settings and can provide navigation coverage in harsh environments and urban canyons.

Today, Telit Wireless Solutions,, introduced the LE920 LTE module for European and North American OEM automotive and aftermarket applications.

The company says, with GSM/GPRS and EDGE performance, the new module ensures connections in remote locations. Also, with a multi-constellation GPS plus GLONASS receiver, cars can have navigation coverage in harsh environments and urban locations, making the module a good option for location-based services.

Other features: Rx diversity, meaning the end-device can be equipped with two distinct cellular antennas to improve reliability of the wireless connection; analog input and output for applications such as hands-free in-car cellular functionality; and a USB 2.0 high-speed port and device drivers for most Windows and Linux platforms, among others.

The module also meets specifications for European eCall, which requires all new European vehicles to have an automatic emergency in-vehicle call system installed by 2015.

Connectivity is a critical component to bring security, navigation, and infotainment applications to cars. With this LTE module, automobile manufacturers have more options for improving connectivity in the car.

The use of 4G chipsets are on the rise in the automotive industry, according to a study released yesterday from Juniper Research,, even though 4G chipsets are shipping in low volumes today. In particular, it forecasts the market for M2M and embedded devices will reach 400 million units by the end of 2017, which will be led by automotive and consumer electronics.

As vehicles continue to advance, be sure to check out the February/March edition of Connected World magazine, which will include the second annual Connected Car of the Year award winners.

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