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Mobile devices are no longer just for calling and texting. As it turns out, they are a great way to keep tabs on the things that are most important to you. Remote monitoring and tracking are growing in use, and the market for these functions continues to evolve.

Whatever you want to track, there is likely a product for you. Securus,, offers devices to track children, teenage drivers, older adults, people with special needs, and even valuables. Recently, the company announced the launch of Android apps for its products eZoom and eCare+Voice. Previously, apps were available for BlackBerry and iPhone. The company also released new versions of its BlackBerry and iPhone apps that expand app service to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

The app allows customers to find, track, view location history, and update settings for their Securus GPS locators, which use GPS technology to monitor their whereabouts. With the eZoom product, customers can locate children, teen drivers, and vehicles. The tracker can be placed in a backpack or a glove box, and the app allows for parents to receive text and email notifications when a child moves out of a designated zone. Alerts can also be issued if the device detects a certain speed limit is being exceeded. For child tracking applications, the device will use GPS to deliver a location.

eCare+Voice is designed with older adults or people with special needs in mind. The device provides a voice connection that links the user around-the-clock to an emergency call center. The user just pushes a button to speak to the representative. The Android app allows caregivers to receive location information about their loved one, as well as obtain notifications when the device is powered off or the battery is low.

Remote monitoring of older adults is gaining increased attention as healthcare costs rise and more people live longer with chronic diseases. Monitoring systems can track many aspects of a person’s life, including things like vital signs, activity around the house, and location.

AT&T,, has been increasing its focus on the healthcare industry in general, and recently the cellular carrier announced it is working with Embedded Wireless,, to provide a new remote patient-monitoring platform. Called the Zilant Wellness Remote Monitoring Platform, the system also includes an mPERS (mobile personal emergency response system) device.

AT&T will provide 4G LTE mobile Internet for Zilant. The Wellness Platform is a home-monitoring system designed to integrate devices and environmental sensors into an older adult’s daily life. Caregivers and family members have access to the data through the cloud, and it includes information such as motion detection, environment monitoring, vital signs measurement, and video observation. Additionally, the mPERS unit allows patients a direct connection to a caregiver no matter where they are, using the cellular network.

Solutions that monitor the location and wellbeing of loved ones, whether young or old, are set to gain more attention. New solutions ensure there are options available for a wide range of use cases.

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