Next-Generation Nest Announced


Home energy management is becoming big business, with multiple consumer products on the market that are designed to provide a connected link to a home’s heating and cooling systems. One popular product is getting an upgrade designed to make it even more consumer friendly.

Nest Labs,, announced the release of its next-generation Nest Learning Thermostat. The new Nest is still wireless, still connected, but it’s also 20% slimmer than the previous version, as well as being compatible with 95% of low-voltage residential heating and cooling systems. The company is also launching version 3.0 of the Nest software.

Some of the new features users can expect include System Match, which activates custom features depending on what type of system your home has installed, such as forced air or energy efficient. A feature called Early-On works with forced-air systems to make sure the home is at the specified temperature when the homeowner desires, as well as calculating the health of the system’s air filter.

For consumers with a heat pump, the Heat Pump Balance function will optimize the use of auxiliary heat, which is more expensive. By selecting for more comfort or more savings, the homeowner can tell Nest which way to lean, and the thermostat will automatically adjust for the preference when running auxiliary heat.

The new Nest also features support for more mobile devices, including Android tablets. The second-generation product is currently available for preorder on the Nest Website, and the company says it will begin shipping in mid-October. For consumers interested in conserving as much energy as possible, the next-gen Nest could prove an efficient option.

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