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The cost of water is on the rise—mainly due to a water shortage many utilities are facing. But connected devices and M2M (machine-to-machine) can help consumers minimize residential waste, allowing water agencies to better manage the shortage.

As one example, overwatered lawns are one of the biggest sources of water consumption in the home. Utilities and water agencies are looking for new ways to reduce this. Across the country—particularly in California—agencies have been heavily promoting the use of smart irrigation controllers, which can help eliminate the outdoor water waste.

The challenge for consumers is smart controllers can be expensive and complicated to use, but more and more tech providers are coming to market with affordable and easy-to-use solutions.

One example comes from Rockrose Technology, The company developed a device—WaterDex—that overrides residential irrigation controllers. With the technology, consumers can enter their zip code to find the appropriate watering index. Once set on the dial, WaterDex will then turn the sprinklers on and off on its own, based on the selected setting.

The technology can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to zip code-specific indexes, which are compiled using historic and realtime data.

Matt Davenport, a horticulturalist and cofounder of Rockrose Technology, says WaterDex helps water agencies across the country as they look for ways to reduce residential water waste. “WaterDex not only has the ability to help consumers reduce their water bills, but if enough people use the product it could significantly reduce water waste at a time when water agencies across the country are facing increasing shortages,” he says.

Consumers can also sign up to receive email notifications of the latest recommended watering index settings for their zip code and can control the device with a wireless remote control.

With the water shortage—and associated costs—on the rise, M2M and connected devices can help eliminate waste in the home.

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