The Business of Knowing


The business of managing fleets using M2M (machine-to-machine) technology is the business of knowing. Through realtime insight into where fleet vehicles are, and exactly how they are performing at any given point in time, business owners are far more prepared to make timely decisions that can help an enterprise succeed.

Solution providers are bringing new solutions to market that apply to a wide range of enterprise use cases. For instance, the new SkyRouter mobile application from Blue Sky Network,, is a cloud-based solution and fleet-management portal for not just land-bound assets, but air-bound and sea-bound assets such as vessels and helicopters.

The company offers GPS tracking and communication services for all three transportation markets, serving industries such as aviation, oil and gas, government, forestry, and mining, among others. Harnessing dual-mode GSM and Iridium’s,, satellite network, the SkyRouter application can help fleet managers access their assets 24/7 via Android or iOS devices.

With features such as GPS location, “breadcrumb” mapping, and event reporting, and by leveraging Blue Sky Network’s tracking hardware, the application provides a global solution for high-value assets. The company says SkyRouter Mobile will enter beta release in October and is slated for production in Q4.

According to Brian Boling, CEO of Spireon,, a provider of MRM (mobile-resource management) solutions, “… realtime business intelligence delivered through M2M-enabled telematics shortens the decisionmaking process and helps to optimize delivery and sales routes—maximizing worker productivity, minimizing fuel and overtime costs, and eliminating out-of-route miles.”

A new strategic partnership between Spireon and Verizon Wireless,, will help deliver FleetLocate, an M2M-enabled fleet-management solution for all-sized businesses with a critical fleet component. Leveraging Spireon’s GPS business-intelligence platform with Verizon’s network, the goal is to bundle a turnkey solution that makes it easier than ever for enterprises to jump into fleet management.

The solution, called FleetLocate’s Local Fleet Plan, includes hardware, software, service, and installation for $29.95 per month, with a one-time activation fee of $27.95. Boling says, “By bundling our MRM platform with Verizon’s coverage and performance, we will be able to bring customers scalable technology that will grow. The partnership aims to advance the way fleet owners connect with their mobile assets and gain realtime actionable business intelligence through which they can maximize operational efficiency, reduce risk, and even encourage safe driving among fleet drivers.”

Verizon’s own set of productivity tools, including Field Force Manager, a mobile productivity solution, aims to help a company run more efficiently by offering better visibility into fleets, automated validation of payroll, and geofence alerts, among other functionalities. The solution is even compatible with 4G-enabled smartphones and tablets—a key upgrade announced this summer.

Thanks to solutions that can help automate business processes and manage fleets—whether they’re on the ground, out to sea, or in the air—enterprises can optimize workflow and make the most effective business decisions possible based on realtime fleet data.

In the end, fleet management is about visibility and accountability—it’s the business of knowing.

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