Trimble Acquires TMW Systems


Fleet tracking is becoming more common across a range of industries, as connected technologies allow users to better manage vehicles. Data gathered from on-board sensors can be shared with managers in the office, allowing for preventative maintenance, efficient routing, and other data-driven decisions.

Today, Trimble,, announced an agreement to acquire TMW Systems Inc.,, a provider of a transportation software platform that allows fleets to manage core operations of transportation.

The technology from TMW Systems will be reported within Trimble’s Mobile Solutions segment. Trimble’s T&L solutions, which currently integrate with TMW’s enterprise software, allow commercial vehicles and fleets to improve performance. Trimble provides the solutions to enable managers to make decisions about fleets based on data gathered from the vehicle.

Ron Konezny, general manager, Trimble T&L Division, says, “With more fleets deploying information-based solutions to improve business performance, the tight integration enabled by this transaction can offer a more comprehensive and seamless solution, enabling a continuous flow of information between customer, shipper, carrier, and driver.”

Many businesses currently using the technology from TMW Systems might be wondering if the company will continue to support integration with third-party technology companies.

As an example, last fall, TMW Systems and Qualcomm,, announced integration of Qualcomm’s Hours of Service application and TMW’s software to allow for data to be shared between the trucks on the road and the home office, helping improve load planning and customer service.

Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services, and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services, says it expects TMW will continue to support the integrated value it has developed between its solutions. He adds, “Just as we have always fostered open, unbiased relationships to ensure we’re able to do what’s right for each customer and work with all best-in-class providers, we expect TMW will continue to do the same as they have during our tenured relationship with them.”

Trimble’s objective with this acquisition is quite clear: share data more effectively between the field and the office. Through the use of wireless technologies, Trimble is offering a number of solutions to ensure a tight coupling between the vehicles on the road and the backoffice.

For managers, this type of tight integration of fleet-tracking technologies can help improve performance by gathering data directly from the vehicles and compiling in the office for better decision making and operations.

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