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In today’s connected world, it seems most consumers own a mobile device, such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop computer. As these devices become more widespread, they are also becoming more important, often housing critical data that, if stolen or compromised, could be devastating. This concern is especially prevalent among businesses, which are increasingly supporting devices as part of the enterprise through initiatives such as BYOD (bring your own device).

Luckily, there are connected solutions to help consumers and businesspeople keep track of their mobile devices. One new product from Cirago Intl.,, is called iAlertTag—a Bluetooth-enabled device that wirelessly links to an iPhone or a Windows laptop and helps owners keep track of and secure their mobile devices.

iAlertTag looks like a keyless remote or fob keychain for your vehicle, and its primary function is to prevent you from leaving your device behind, or alert you if someone is walking off with your property. Using Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology, the device links with an iPhone (requires download of free companion app), and then anytime the phone is separated by a distance of about 25 feet, the tag and the phone vibrate and sound a customizable alarm.

For Windows-based laptops equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, the iAlertTag solution will automatically lock your computer once the tag is out of range, making sure you’re the only one who can access your sensitive information. For $49.99, it’s an interesting connected solution to consider for anyone with a device and data they’d like to protect.

Cirago’s new device joins the ranks of similar solutions such as the ZOMM Wireless Leash,, which wirelessly tethers to nearly any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The Wireless Leash—a small, round device that’s less than two inches across—can be used alongside the myZOMM app for Android. Or, if you have an iPhone, use the Wireless Leash Plus.

Once you pair the Wireless Leash or Wireless Leash Plus to your smartphone, you’ll receive an audible alert if separated by a customizable distance. Interestingly, ZOMM’s products also offer safety functionalities, such as one-touch 9-1-1 dialing (press and hold the center button) and hands-free speakerphone. For instance, if you’ve attached the Wireless Leash or Wireless Leash Plus to your key ring, you can press the center button to answer a phone call while driving, allowing you to keep your hands and eyes where they should be.

The myZOMM app will even help you find your Wireless Leash if you lose your keys. At the touch of a button, the application will pinpoint the last place your phone successfully paired with the device on a map, which is probably a good place to start looking.
In an age where consumers and businesspeople own multiple connected devices, often using them to work, bank, shop, or socialize, it’s becoming more important to keep these devices in the hands of their owners. Though simple, connected solutions that use short-range wireless technologies to create a virtual “leash” have a more ready and willing market than ever before.

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