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The more tools developers have in their toolbox, the more innovation we can expect to see in the M2M (machine-to-machine) marketplace. A number of industry players are looking for ways to tap into the market’s potential by providing these tools, plus expertise and support to guide innovators through the solution-development process.

One of the leading telecommunications companies on the international stage, Deutsche Telekom,, has announced its new M2M developer community, which aims to facilitate innovation in the space. Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden platform will not only offer SDKs (software development kits), programming guidelines, and API interfaces, it will serve as a networking resource to connect developers with industry experts.

The Developer Garden also provides forums for participants to share their ideas and seek advice from others around the globe. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the growth of M2M and the Internet of Things by helping today’s innovative minds design, implement, and sell new M2M applications.

For instance, Deutsche Telekom says an M2M application was built to help farmers in Germany maximize their investments. The application was built into devices worn by milking cows; it is configured to automatically alert farmers to changes in their cows’ body temperatures, which can indicate the best times to milk.

Once complete, new applications can be marketed and sold within the company’s M2M Marketplace. Deutsche Telekom says with the help of its partners, the Developer Garden platform could reach up to 1 million developers worldwide—a community that could boost the ecosystem as a whole.

Other companies, such as ILS Technology,, have also taken steps to support the growth of M2M. The company’s deviceWISE M2M Deployment Kit helps simplify the development, testing, and deployment process. Deployment kits often aim to reduce the complexities associated with designing and implementing an M2M solution. By doing this, companies are opening the door for new talent to step in and think outside the box, even if these new developers lack the expertise traditionally needed to bring an M2M product or solution to market.

Earlier this summer, Connected World, along with ILS Technology, Exosite,, and OSIsoft,, sponsored its first annual Hackathon at the 2012 Connected World Conference. Similar to Deutsche Telekom’s goal with its Developer Garden platform, the Hackathon aimed to bring innovative minds together to create new machine-to-machine applications. Read more about the event and the winning applications in the Sept/Oct issue.

By providing not only the tools, but the support innovative solution developers need to turn an idea into a marketable M2M solution, industry players are hoping a rising tide will lift all boats. As the Internet of Things gains momentum in so many facets of the market, and as M2M technology becomes more of a common answer to today’s most challenging problems, it’s a win-win for the entire value chain and for end users across the globe.

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