New Services Add Value to M2M


Throughout the M2M (machine-to-machine) ecosystem, there has been a trend of supplying added services to customers. From network operators, to module providers, to systems integrators, it seems many M2M suppliers want to become a full-service source for an array of services related to deployment and management of devices.

We’ve seen this recently when seven network operators teamed up to offer a global M2M solution that supports a single platform to enable connected devices in multiple countries. And this is just one example of carriers offering a platform for M2M enablement.

Module providers are also offering value-added services. This week we saw Telit Wireless Solutions,, roll out a new offering call m2mAIR, a business unit providing M2M services to customers. Telit says the managed and value-added services offered will also include connectivity.

Specifically, the m2mAIR unit will cover network-related needs including SIM (subscriber identity module) management, remote module management, security, reporting and monitoring, SIM cards, rate plans, and customer support. m2mAIR is available via a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform model, and wireless coverage is available via a partnership with Telefónica,

According to Telit, the m2mAIR offerings are applicable to customers across all vertical markets, especially those who require network coverage that crosses international borders. Dan Amir, m2mAIR business unit manager, says the new business unit “is expected to become a major building block in Telit’s market strategy.” Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions, calls it a “one-stop shop for managed M2M solutions worldwide.”

Right now, m2mAIR is available for European-based customers, and Telit says it will become available for the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Latin America later this year.

As more companies are thinking global and focusing on value-added services, there’s no doubt offerings that bring additional simplicity, speed, and efficiency to M2M solutions will continue to be developed.

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