M2M and IT: Converging Paths


The trend of M2M (machine-to-machine) technology permeating the enterprise level continues to evolve. As corporate IT continues to explore relevant uses for connecting remote assets to the enterprise, the value of good partners along the value chain remains necessary.

While the idea of connecting remote assets is appealing to just about any industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, the concerns related to data security and reliability are still very real for all involved. Moreover, making such connections and bringing the data into the enterprise in a manageable and usable form remains of utmost priority for corporate IT. Still, it is encouraging to watch organizations across the globe beginning to make investments into adding such solutions into their global operations.

The latest example comes from Norway-based aluminum supplier Hydro. With more than 23,000 employees in more than 40 countries around the globe, Hydro’s operations range from bauxite extraction to the production of rolled and extruded aluminum products and building systems.

The company announced it has entered into an agreement with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, www.verizon.com, under which Verizon will deliver a managed global WAN (wide-area network) with integrated security and remote access solutions, an integrated partner firewall to enable third-party access to select business solutions, and full professional service support.
The idea with the agreement is to help Hydro improve global supply chain solutions and the security of data using enhanced data solutions. While details of the announcement have been limited to just that, the fact that M2M is hitting the enterprise-wide level more and more continues to shape the way businesses are looking at connectivity.

Companies like Verizon Enterprise Solutions continue to make strong moves across multiple vertical markets. With secure mobility, cloud, strategic networking and advanced communications platforms, the idea for Verizon Enterprise Solutions is to help open new opportunities across the globe for companies looking to invest in connected technologies.

The conversation of mobility and embedded solutions is starting to infiltrate the corporate level these days. Among the relevant questions that companies should be asking with regards to this transition include, ‘What data should I be collecting,’ and ‘how can I ensure the lines of communication are indeed secure.’ Such questions are certainly relevant, and have legitimate answers. Brining M2M to the corporate discussion will help shed light on such answers in the end. 

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