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Couple an aging population with an influx of connected devices focused on the home health space and what you have is an opportunity to make a big difference. From an economic standpoint, such a transformation could do wonders for lowering the cost of healthcare; while from an innovation standpoint it grants the elderly what they seek the most, which is independence.
A few big announcements in the space for home health have the potential to take both of these ideas to the next level.
Independa,, for example, provides a range of solutions that help remotely monitor the elderly in their homes. This week the company announced the inclusion of a new cloud-based service into its Artemis suite of products, which will allow for the wireless transfer, storage, and display of data from medical devices.

The key to this announcement is in the fact a platform, which is provided by a subsidiary unit of Qualcomm,, combines with a cloud-based service and opens up new opportunities for the products from Independa to integrate with new types of monitoring devices, and allows device users and caregivers to upload and access biometric data.
By offering connectivity through this platform, which Independa says will be available later this year, it will be able to support and aggregate data from a wide range of health sensors, such as wireless monitors, as well as analog devices that care recipients may already own. This includes things like weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose meters, and pulse oximeters. Added support for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, 2G and 3G cellular, Wi-Fi, and ANT+ local area radio protocols, further enhances the capabilities.
On another front in the market for home health, Sorin Group, which provides devices for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, launched SMARTVIEW, which is a remote-monitoring solution for patients with implanted CRM (cardiac rhythm management) devices. The product, which is brought to market in conjunction with communication-services provider Orange Business Services, will debut in Europe.

SMARTVIEW will allow healthcare providers to remotely access valuable cardiac data and alert messages from Sorin’s implantable PARADYM RF devices. By combining remote-data transmission with intelligent proprietary features embedded in Sorin’s CRM devices, healthcare providers can offer advanced diagnostic services and even get out in front of cardiac disease through early detection methods.
The product uses the global, scalable health platform of Orange Business Services, and leverages the wide reach of the Orange wireless network. Clinical insights can be accessed using the 24/7 Web application offered by Orange.

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