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M2M (machine-to-machine) systems can bring efficiencies to the enterprise, but first, a company has to obtain and understand the data. Because M2M solutions can generate large amount of data about an organization’s operations, today’s solutions providers are designing ways to help interpret and organize all of the information.

Sometimes, an M2M platform can provide a way to make sense of data. Recently, Eurotech, www.eurotech.com, announced the launch of the Everyware Cloud 2.0 platform, which is designed to provide a foundation to deliver and manage M2M data within the enterprise. Users will have access to technology for cloud computing and M2M analysis for businesses in fields such as transportation, logistics, and industrial.

Based on open standards, the Everyware Cloud enables users to connect their applications to the cloud platform using an open API (application programming interface). Customers can manage their data in realtime, as the platform can be used to analyze information to make business decisions. With access to this data presented in a meaningful way, managers should be better able to make timely decisions.

Data can be stored for 36 months or longer, allowing for historical records to be kept and analyzed. All the information is available via a Web interface.

By taking data from the field and making it available to the enterprise in realtime, a company can increase the speed at which it does business.

One example of a company putting the Everyware Cloud platform to use is Sensuss, www.shockwaveimpact.com, a startup working to prevent athlete injury due to head contact. The company has been using Everyware Cloud in trials to provide player data to parents, coaches, and athletes in realtime. The information can also be stored for later use by doctors.

While concussion monitoring is just one example, there are numerous applications for collecting M2M data where a platform could be beneficial for aggregating and understanding the information. The better the data and the better the platforms, the more likely M2M will revolutionize the way an industry does business.

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