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Business and M2M (machine-to-machine) have long gone hand in hand. Many in the market point to manufacturing as the industry in which this technology established it roots. In fact, to this day manufacturing continues to embrace the technology across multiple facets of operation, from production lines to the supply-chain. But M2M is not just for manufacturing; it’s for industries like transportation, energy, security, and more.
As we head into 2012, questions abound regarding which industries will take the next steps in embracing M2M. Robert Barnacle, president, DataOnline, www.dataonline.com, points to water/waste water management as one ripe with opportunity. His company, which has a foundation built on telemetry and remote monitoring, has long been associated with tank-level monitoring for industries like industrial gases. But as the success stories continue to pile up, Barnacle finds a market like water/waste water management a perfect fit for the technology.

DataOnline is preparing to release its next generation Web-based software, built on a .NET platform, which will help companies apply new tools and applications to their business model more quickly and efficiently. The company is also developing software for mobile devices, which play a strong role in helping companies remotely access and manage key information related to assets.

According to Barnacle, the true opportunity for M2M exists with the ability to monitor thousands of remote assets in realtime. While water/waste water management is just one opportunity, he envisions connecting and monitoring critical assets around the globe in many different markets.
For Enfora, www.enfora.com, the opportunities in M2M seem endless. The company points out transportation as one growing market, encompassing everything from fleet management to usage-based insurance, and even automotive. Security remains vibrant to, according to Enfora, driven by both home and industrial monitoring applications.
Enfora plays a critical role, helping to enable intelligence out at the edge. Its middleware solution provides the scalability to get thousands of devices connected in a fast and efficient manner, enabling customers to focus less on the upfront work and more on their own applications and solutions.

Where the new opportunities for M2M exist in 2012 is anyone’s guess. As the technology continues to expand and technology providers focus on delivering better capabilities to the market, quite possibly there might not be a business for which M2M isn’t a fit in the years ahead.

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