M2M Groups Work to Further Standards


Partnerships are a vital part of the M2M community, and new groups are being formed that contribute to the overall body of knowledge, especially when it comes to open standards.

Recently, Sierra Wireless, www.sierrawireless.com, and the Eclipse Foundation, www.eclipse.org, announced the creation of an M2M Industry Working Group. The group is designed to define and implement an open-standard platform for the software development tools used in developing M2M communications applications.

Other founding members of the group are IBM, www.ibm.com, and Eurotech, www.eurotech.com. The group is open to any organization with an interest in M2M solutions.

Additionally, Eurotech and IBM have said they will contribute software to the Eclipse Foundation to accelerate the standardization of the MQTT protocol. MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a protocol used to provide device connectivity in industries including transportation, energy, military, financial, social media, and medical.

MQTT was originally developed by IBM and Eurotech, and the companies have said contributing it to Eclipse will open up more options for connecting M2M solutions.

“Just as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) enabled open communication over the Internet, we believe the creation of an open protocol for messaging can do the same for smarter systems,” say Mike Milinkovich, executive director, Eclipse Foundation.

An open-source community of standards for M2M should do a lot to further the implementation of the technology. The Eclipse Foundation and the M2M Industry Working Group are two of the many organizations working to make that possible.

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