Macheen Makes U.S. Launch


The company that promises “hot out of the box” is ready to come charging out of the gate in the United States. Live and available in Europe since February, Macheen,, is now officially live in the United States, providing a turnkey platform that allows connected device makers to extend their reach globally and tap into different mobile network technologies.

Targeting device makers, the company stresses constant connectivity into every device sold. Whether it’s Wi-Fi, wired, or some form of mobile broadband, Macheen believes a device that has connectivity to the cloud for content and services immediately provides a competitive advantage in the market. It is a philosophy of having constant customer contact by ensuring your products are “hot out of the box.”

Connected World had a chance to speak with Macheen’s president and CEO Richard Schwartz back in March, and he described a vision of device makers and retailers signing on as tenants of the Macheen platform and work with the company to customize its “white label” pre-connected broadband data service in order to best fit the device rollout plans.

Macheen will be working with Sprint for mobile broadband connectivity. The carrier says its likes Macheen’s ability to leverage its supply chain integration with a single device maker across go-to-market channels.

Macheen uses the example of private-label services of device makers in Europe that use GSM based networks, while at the same time offering services in the United States using CDMA from Sprint, all with a common user interface and consistent supply-chain integration.
Device maker Dell works with Macheen on its Dell NetReady mobile broadband offering. Going forward, the question will be how many other device makers will sign on to be “hot out of the box?”

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