‘Hot’ Devices Come Preconnected


Soon all consumer-electronics devices will come “hot out of the box,” as Richard Schwartz, president and CEO of Macheen, www.macheen.com, would say. Macheen’s unique cloud-based platform makes it easy to sell and market connected devices by preconnecting them to the Internet.

Today, the company announced a relationship with Sprint, www.sprint.com, saying it will use the Sprint network to deliver connectivity and help consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers deliver “no commitment” options for consumers to connect their M2M devices.

Macheen says this means connected devices such as ereaders, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices, will ship preconnected to Sprint’s network. Sprint says the relationship will accelerate its momentum in the consumer M2M market.

“Macheen’s … technology provides devicemakers with a simple path to roll out products that come already ‘hot’ on the Sprint network, right out of the box,” says Matt Carter, president of Sprint Global Wholesale Solutions. “Macheen complements our retail offers and other enabling M2M and wholesale partnerships with a fast path to new revenue streams.”

Schwarz says consumers don’t want to fuss with connecting their device; they’d rather focus on what they can do once connected. The Sprint/Macheen partnership will offer new, no-nonsense options to go online and stay connected.

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