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As analysts rush to make predictions about the growth of the M2M market in 2011, a good deal of research and market data is being rolled out about 2010. Were 2010 predictions overblown, underblown, or right on? What does this mean for the coming year, and what we can truly expect in terms of market expansion?

According to research firm, Berg Insight, www.berginsight.com, the number of mobile network connections for wireless M2M communication reached 81.4 million by the end of 2010. This number represents a worldwide scale. Berg also points out this staggering number is up 46% from 2009.

Research showed two countries driving this market expansion—the U.S. and Japan—made such an impact thanks in part to the unprecedented growth of consumer connected devices. These wirelessly enabled devices include ereaders, tablets, connected photo frames, and PNDs (personal navigation devices), among many others.

Berg says in 2010, Europe took the top spot among nations for the total number of M2M subscribers, which reached 29.5 million. In terms of subscriber growth, North America increased by 51% to 23.6 million, while Asia-Pacific grew by 53% and reached 19.6 million M2M subscribers.

Other research firms, such as InfoCom, www.infocom-de.com, say despite huge gains in 2010, the M2M market continues to show significant growth potential worldwide. The company says M2M has become a fast-growing and strategically important market for business because it opens doors for new services and solutions that improve process efficiency and productivity.

For consumers, many believe 2010 was just a warm-up act for the coming few years. The Consumer Electronics Group of IMS Research, www.imsresearch.com, for instance, has identified some hotspots it believes will drive the CE (consumer electronics) industry to new heights in 2011.

IMS says trends may include more display connectivity, 3D, gesture recognition and motion control, smart-home technologies, advanced gaming apps, and in-car technologies.

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