High-Tech Fitness Resolutions Hold True


Is 2011 finally the year you keep that resolution to stay fit? Market research says this could be true for at least one in three people—with technology being that motivating factor.

According to the CEA (Consumer Electronics Assn.), www.ce.org, one out of every three consumers in the U.S. plan to invest in fitness-related technology, including connected devices and fitness apps designed for smartphones, during the next year.

The newly released research study, entitled “Getting Fit with Consumer Electronics,” suggests fitness technologies are key to motivating consumers in 2011, in addition to helping them meet their New Year’s resolutions to get fit.

Technology is increasingly becoming integrated into the lives of the average consumer, and it seems exercise is no exception. CEA says several new and emerging technologies provide encouragement to consumers looking to stay in shape by assessing fitness levels, helping set realistic goals, monitoring physical activity, caloric intake, and progress.

More than half of consumers surveyed (54%) said their main reason not to exercise is a lack of motivation. But thanks to these devices, it is no longer necessary to invest in an expensive personal-training program for motivation. Connected fitness devices often have the capability to provide realtime feedback, and often aggregate information into a Web dashboard that can track an individual’s personal progress toward a goal.

It seems the connected fitness technology space experienced impressive growth in 2010. The CEA study says nearly half of online consumers in the U.S. used a fitness technology in the past year. And for the first time ever, there was a dedicated Fitness TechZone on the show floor at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

Rhonda Daniel, manager of market research at CEA, says the demand for fitness technologies is wide-ranging, and there are already an impressive variety of technologies available to consumers looking to invest in fitness technology—ranging from Wi-Fi-connected weight scales, to GPS-equipped sensors and video games.

At last week’s CES, attendees were introduced to many new fitness devices and solutions. A company called 4iiii, www.4iiii.com, for instance, introduced Sport-iiiis, a unique ANT+-enabled wireless device that attaches to sports eyewear and provides visual feedback on critical performance data—including heartrate, cadence, power, speed, and elapsed time.

Another connected-fitness solution with a presence at CES was Digifit, www.digifit.com, a health and fitness tracking system for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The Digifit Ecosystem provides a wireless, realtime, and automatic solution to capture and share a wealth of wellness-related information.

With 37% of survey respondents planning to invest in this technology during the next 12 months, it seems connected-fitness devices and technologies will only gain momentum moving forward.

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