Sprint to Power Connected Fitness Gear


As with every new year, 2011 is likely to prompt millions of Americans to make some tough resolutions. For many, this past weekend marked the beginning of a new quest to lose weight and/or get in better physical shape. In 2011 more than ever, connected fitness devices can help you meet your health and wellness goals.

This week, Sprint, www.sprint.com, announced a partnership with BodyMedia, www.bodymedia.com, a company that develops wearable fitness technologies, which will expand the wireless carrier’s product portfolio to include embedded devices.

BodyMedia develops body monitoring and weight-management systems, and currently offers several devices that track activity levels, calories burned, and sleep patterns, all in an effort to help consumers lead healthier lives.

The companies say Sprint will be the exclusive wireless provider for BodyMedia’s new line of FIT Armbands with embedded wireless capabilities, as well as the company’s future wearable body monitors.

BodyMedia says the first-generation connected armband will be worn around the upper left arm to collect data via sensors, and will use M2M (machine-to-machine) technology to wirelessly send that information to a user’s smartphone for feedback and analysis in near realtime.

Armed with personalized information about calorie expenditure, for instance, consumers can more consciously monitor their health and fitness data, make more informed decisions, and ideally, achieve better results.

As part of the partnership, Sprint and BodyMedia also plan to develop smartphone applications and widgets developed for the Sprint BodyMedia ID Pack. This goes along with Sprint’s announcement about the launch of custom Sprint ID Packs at the CTIA Show a few months ago. The ID Pack will make use of custom Android apps to display calorie input vs. output and create personalized workouts based on a person’s specific goals.

The companies say the new wireless embedded products will be launched this year, and the ID Pack will also be available during first half of 2011.

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