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There are some things about our homes that we simply don’t have control over. Perhaps the backyard floods every time it rains or the sound of wind whistling through the attic makes it difficult to sleep on windy nights.

While these are the types of things homeowners may not have the ability to control, there are other aspects of the home which can be controlled. With the use of M2M (machine-to-machine) technology, consumers can turn their home into a connected one.

So where do homeowners turn to for these types of capabilities? One way could be in the direction of their broadband service providers. uControl, www.ucontrol.com, enables service providers to offer consumers connected home technologies via its SMA (home security, monitoring, and automation) platform.

With the SMA platform homeowners can control various components in their home remotely via uControl’s “all-in-one” TouchScreen device. The TouchScreen, which can be integrated into a home’s preexisting security system or used as a standalone device, enables homeowners to control temperature settings and lighting in the home, helping reduce energy consumption.

According to uControl’s vice president of product strategy Jim Kitchen, the ability to control the thermostat is very important to homeowners. In fact, he says most homeowners look to the thermostat as the one device they wish to have more control over. Using the SMA platform, homeowners have the ability to connect with their thermostat and adjust settings remotely, which can ultimately help them to control savings.

The device can also be programmed to communicate with new wireless sensors or wired sensors already installed throughout the home, giving homeowners visibility to when the front door has been unlocked or when a specific sensor has detected movement. Homeowners can also view live video feeds on the TouchScreen from cameras installed in the home.

The TouchScreen will enable homeowners to set up various widgets on the home screen giving them realtime information about the weather or traffic updates for their ride to work. uControl’s SMA platform is just one example of how the connected home is making consumers lives easier by giving them more control over their environment.

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