Offering Up a Platform for M2M Connectivity


The M2M (machine-to-machine) space has grown immensely in the past couple of years, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. With such growth, more and more companies are looking for the fastest and simplest ways to launch their M2M and connected devices to market. One thing just about anyone who has gone through this process will comment on is the importance of finding the right platform for devices and applications.

Axeda Corp.,, Foxboro, Mass., a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provider for M2M solutions, recently joined forces with several M2M players to make it easier for their customers to use the Axeda platform to develop and deploy their solutions. According to Brian Anderson, vice president of marketing, Axeda, instead of focusing on providing certain applications for specific verticals, Axeda gives customers the flexibility to create their own applications with the platform Axeda provides.

“[In the M2M Space] you can either build a bunch of vertical applications to cover all the different areas or you can build a platform and let other people build those applications,” says Anderson. “We chose the latter.”

Integron,, Rochester, N.Y., is a logistics firm that recently partnered with Axeda to help customers create and launch M2M applications to market faster. Customers will have access to the Axeda platform to build their applications and Integron will provide them with the required services to get their devices ready for market.

Axeda also recently formed partnerships with Telenor Connexion,, Stockholm, Sweden, and Sprint,, Overland Park, Kan. In both cases, customers will be able to devote more of their attention to creating an effective solution and less time to figuring out the technology required to power the solution. Sprint and Telenor Connexion’s customers will be able to power their applications on Axeda’s platform through the use of cloud-based services.

Anderson says other platform providers offer customers a platform to help them provision and manage their devices, establish connectivity, and in some cases, build their own applications on the platform.

“We add a layer on top of those guys to handle things like condition monitoring, modeling of assets, rules processing, location-based services, content management … to make it much easier to build applications,” says Anderson. “So we feel it’s totally complementary.”


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