An interesting report crossed my desk this week that explores consumers’ attitudes toward online shopping. And it got me thinking about how—and where—we shop.

Like most of America, I have done a bit of online shopping using my computer, but I began wondering how many have made purchases from a connected device. With this in mind, I dug through the WorldPay report to find the answer.

‘Heavy’ shoppers are more likely to be ‘device-enabled,’ with 36% purchasing on a smartphone and 23% on a tablet. Compare this to ‘medium’ shoppers: 17% use smartphones and 9% rely on tablets. Or ‘light’ shoppers: 7% shop with smartphones and only 3% with tablets. Interestingly, 5% of global shoppers purchased online using a connected television set.

What is holding us back from using connected devices to shop? According to the report, 40% of Americans say it is because there is either no need or they have security concerns.

Frankly, I would fall into the first of those two buckets. The fact of the matter is I very rarely hit a store at all, which explains why I haven’t turned to my tablet to surf through online catalogs of goods.

That being said, there is one device that is getting me to shop a little bit more—my ereader. When my husband gave it to me more than two years ago, I told him it would be the gift that keeps on giving. While I haven’t shopped through the Web on connected devices, I have used my ereader and tablet to buy electronic books, magazines, and apps—as have most Americans.

Purchasing this type of content on connected devices intrigues me. While I loved to read prior to my ereader, I rarely went to the store to buy a book—or even to the library to borrow one—because that required too much effort. Worse, when I heard about a book that interested me, a few days later I would forget the title and it would fall off my radar.

Now, from the comfort of my own home, I can search the best-seller lists and earmark books I am interested in reading. This has kept me fully stocked since the day I received my ereader.

I am convinced connected devices are going to change the way we shop. My ereader has transformed me from a ‘light’ shopper into an avid bookworm.

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