All of us at Connected World magazine take pride in presenting Connected World Conference and educating everyone in attendance about advancing connectivity in connected devices. Last year you told us we had some work to do to improve the conference. We went to work. We engaged leading carriers, device makers, manufacturers, consultants, investors, you name it, in order to give us guidance. They in turn went to their partners asking them to support our efforts.

We have held monthly, and in some cases, weekly meetings with our partners to improve our sessions and exhibit hall and together we are determined to present a better conference. We have tried to engage as many of you as possible.

So let’s start at the beginning. Machine-to-machine, which is known by many names, including the Internet of things, cloud computing, pervasive computing, embedded intelligence, and many more, is all about capturing data, analyzing, and interpreting that data to ease whatever is causing us pain. Whether we are tracking our heartbeats through a pacemaker, monitoring our parents from a distance should they fall, managing our utility costs, or downloading our favorite book on our ereader, connected devices/M2M simplify our lives and solve the biggest pain points.

M2M and connected devices also represent sales and growth opportunities by helping the industry focus on interdisciplinary markets that appeal to core verticals across different sectors, including telematics, fleets, smart grid, healthcare, just to name a few, allowing creative enthusiasts across the world to explore a host of new opportunities. Attendees at the Connected World Conference can look forward to receiving valuable information on:
• Product Assortment: Expanding retailers’ product ranges offered in-store and merchandising effectively to complement current lines.
• Application Inspiration: New, popular projects such as NFC, ATM, 3D content, IPV6, etc.
• Distribution Channels: Securing new points of distribution by presenting manufacturers’ product lines and designing sell-through tools and apps through various platforms.
• Connectivity Trends: Exploring where the market is headed and vertical scope influences.

Our “Driving smarter decisions for the connected world” theme makes for an exciting show floor, highlighting connected cars, ATMs, mobile apps, GPS, consumer devices, and so much more, all for a greater exhibitor and attendee experience, and for a variety of opportunities to enjoy and see into the future of technology before it even happens, in some cases.

If you haven’t signed up to exhibit we hope you will. This is not your typical event. And if you haven’t signed up at attend you are missing out on some amazing presentations. Some of which I am certain you have never seen before.

The conference program kicks off with the opening of the exhibit hall on Monday, June 11, 2012, at 4 p.m. CT. This is the only night that will feature the Gadget Giveaway. The conference program (including workshops, seminars, and hackathon events,) runs Tuesday and Wednesday, June 12 and 13. The educational general session and show floor is also set for Tuesday and Wednesday with concurrent sessions that cover such topics as automotive, connected home, distracted driving, energy, fitness, fleet management, retail, tablets, and much more. The show and exhibit closes at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Click here to learn more about the Connected World Conference, including a complete schedule of all programs and events, exhibitor listings, travel discounts and other show highlights.

Thus, as some of my favorite editor friends like to say, if you have a special place in your heart for tech, trends, the nifty, small, clever, and perhaps the not so small, this is going to be the show for you. So come check us out. You will definitely learn something in our educational sessions. You will certainly be amazed at what you see on our exhibit floor. So please come and introduce yourself to me in June.

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