Good data can often be hard to find. That is why your customers turn to you to provide them with the right tools that help them access that data. But who, in turn, is helping you find the right data to help you make better business decisions of your own?

Part of our role here at Connected World is to grow the community for M2M and connected devices. Realize it or not, but we have been at this game for about a decade and have the battle scars to prove it. So while so many others are fast to set-up camp, so to speak, in this market, claiming to be the experts in the space, we are always hard at work looking for that next great opportunity to grow the market.

And it is our belief that we have found that next great opportunity through an exciting partnership with INEX ADVISORS. The company advises some of the most visionary technology executives and investors in a number of markets, and Chris Rezendes, the company’s president, has a unique passion for challenging the status quo that currently exists in the market. So needless to say, we feel like birds of a feather as we embark down a path of providing the market with some highly credible and valuable data.

In case you haven’t seen the promotional efforts on our Website, newsletters, and social media channels, we are helping Chris and his team collect data for ‘The Next 20 Billion Node Survey’ which is focused on deep strategic, operational, and financial trends shaping the current market for connected devices. I know what you are thinking—how is that different than any other survey you are asked to fill out? Well, for starters, Chris and his team aren’t simply looking to collect your answers and then sell you some report with some generic numbers in hopes that it will ultimately make a difference in the way you do business.

In fact, his efforts are doing just the opposite. Primary among our goals with this survey is to empower you with the decision-support tools necessary to take your development efforts to the next level. Are current value chains enabling you to grow, or are they inhibiting such abilities? How about measuring ROI; what is the most effective manner for doing so? And what about business models and how things like cloud computing help make a difference.

Here is a taste of what Chris and his team hope to change. As he states, the market for connected devices is doomed to repeat ugly histories. He says that such markets are often susceptible to many of the same challenges to stable, sustainable, profitable growth that have challenged other technology markets with extended nascent or emerging phases. He believes that some of those other markets got caught up looking for that killer application and along the way they missed the hot niches that eventually built scalable opportunities.

These are all things that the survey looks to address. Are you unhappy with the current data at your disposal? Are you looking to make better business decisions for your customers, yet don’t want to rely on some canned report that is being sold to all or your competitors? Then it is time you did something about it. I cannot encourage you enough to take the time and participate in this survey. Based on what Chris and his team have shared with us thus far, the results will be truly enlightening. We don’t simply partner with anyone; we believe strongly in presenting you only with the opportunities that are most relevant, and this is one.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some preliminary findings and information, but the big data reveal, so to speak, will be when Chris takes the stage at the Connected World Conference this June and presents his results. But again, his presentation won’t be that of any you have seen before. He has let me in on how he will present the data, and then turn around and share with the audience the tools that will help them take what he has just presented and apply it to their own business. We will have a workshop that will allow the audience to work with the data as well.

In all, it is truly inspiring work, but can only be successful with market participation. So please take a moment and participate in the survey. I guarantee what you get back will be more than just a “thank you for participating.”

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