Nike has been at it again. If you thought that because you weren’t a runner you were exempt from the world of fitness monitoring devices, think again. Nike has unveiled two new products designed to track data related to athletes’ performance in basketball and training.

With these additions to the Nike+ lineup, it seems clearer than ever that Nike wants to own the fitness monitoring space. In fact, in announcing these new products, Nike’s President and CEO Mark Parker said, “It’s about much more than a shoe. It represents a shift for Nike from product, to product + experiences.”

In other words, Nike wants to go beyond the product to create a complete community that enmeshes users in the experience.

Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training are the two new products, and they both use a new Nike+ Pressure Sensor built into certain shoes to collect information about the wearer’s movement. That data is then wirelessly transmitted to the user’s phone.

For Nike+ Basketball, the information is analyzed to provide insight into users’ games, such as how high they’re jumping and how fast they play. In “Showcase” mode, players can record a dunk and then superimpose their stats on the video to share with friends via social media. This essentially lets users show off their own highlights.

Nike says Nike+ Training is designed to turn working out into a game. Users can access various workout programs tailored to specific goals, such as becoming faster or stronger. Data is recorded during workouts to track progress over time.

The new Nike+-enabled footwear options should be available in the U.S. and other countries on June 29. And after that, there will fewer excuses not to know your stats.

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