It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone that is invested in this M2M market begins to make predictions for the year ahead. You can call it prime time for the analyst firms, as they make their “projections” for the next 12 months, telling us all what is going to happen, what areas of the market we should be watching closely, and where the major players will be in the end. You even have one analyst firm out there touting what’s not going to happen in 2012. Whatever it takes to grab headlines, I guess.

I can sit here in front of my computer and try to pound out 300-500 words about which applications I think will be hot, or which vertical markets will experience the greatest uptake of investment around M2M in my opinion, but I am not going to do that. Because in all honesty, your guess is as good as mine. Reporting on the emerging technology markets for nearly 10 years now, I have come to realize that the only you can bet on is the uncertainty. It’s as exciting as it is daunting at times. One minute you think you have it all figured out, only to have some ripple or wave in the market send you scrambling to make a new move.

I mean, really, last year at this time who would have predicted that AT&T would announce the intention to acquire GSM rival T-Mobile … only to have the deal fall apart months later. Or who would have thought that a major platform provider like SensorLogic would be now under the ownership of a parent company these days? How about Telit enveloping one of its rivals, the module business of Motorola? Then you have Google making its pitch for another part of Moto too. The list goes on and on, and next year at this time we will have even more for which to debate.

But despite such uncertainty, the thing that this past decade I now have under my belt of reporting on technology has taught me is you need to stay agile in order to survive. During this time the only thing I have seen with consistency is the companies that continue to roll with the punches are those that continually come out on top. Technology is a moving target, and you need to have a scorecard some times to keep track of all the players and the developments. But if you have built an enterprise that is nimble enough to stay on pace—if not one step ahead—of the changing market, then you have a pretty good chance at weathering any storm in the market. The same holds true for the news outlets you choose to help you stay on top of all the latest and greatest surrounding M2M and connected devices.

M2M is the flavor of the month for many these days, as they hope to capitalize on a hot trend. But as many of us know that this isn’t a trend—it’s a way of doing business. You need some established roots in order to make a difference—i.e., you need to know how far we have come in order to accurately project just how far we can go. In the end, only the strong survive, and it’s a real statement that only those that have made the “real” commitment to M2M continue to ride high, amid the uncertainty. Knowing that, perhaps it’s not too hard to make predictions after all.

Here is to a happy and prosperous New Year. These past few years have been great, but let’s really show the world something in 2012!

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