Are you looking to launch a new M2M product to market? Are you tasked with understanding and applying M2M to your business or for your customers? Then you need to be in Lincolnshire, Ill., next week for the Connected World conference.

I know that sometimes planning your agenda for the day at a conference like this can be difficult, but I am going to make it easy on you when I say: Stay for everything! This year’s agenda was put together with the clear intent on giving you a well-rounded sample of the things you will need to consider when working with M2M.

Let’s take day one for example. Our keynote kicks off with the launch of Connected World’s first ever report: The Coming Age of M2M & Connected Devices. Here you will learn definitions, listen in on market projections, and even get a glimpse into some of the misnomers that have been bandied about in this market.

Next up we have our panel on healthcare called ‘Empowering the Patient.’ Not in healthcare, you say? Well, let’s not take it so literally. While the panel will be focused on healthcare, the theme is about empowering the customer. But what does that truly mean? Well, for starters it means make sure you understand the customer experience before you tackle M2M. The theme resonates whether you are in healthcare, energy, transportation, consumer, or just about any other industry you can think of. The panel was assembled with the intent to get people talking about what it means to truly understand the customer experience. And our panel has an interesting mix of speakers guaranteed to get you think about how you should define the consumer experience in your own market.

Next up we have our panel of visionaries around the topic of open-platform development. Sure, much has been said about the value of open platforms in the past, but our group is going to get down to the nitty-gritty around whether or not this is indeed a realistic goal. And if so, what are the considerations and steps needed in order to get there.

Following that we have ‘Connected Devices at Risk, In Critical Contexts.’ Device security isn’t just something to keep in mind; but rather a necessity. Some say the number of Internet connected devices today outpaces the PC market by leaps and bounds. That means there are hackers (both professional and amateur) licking their chops at the opportunity to paralyze your efforts around M2M with a virus or malware. Don’t miss this discussion on how to protect your device, based on some real world experiences and tactics.

Of course the afternoon sessions kick off with our Carrier Debate. You think you have seen carrier debates at other conferences? Well, let me tell you that you haven’t seen anything until you have seen Peggy Smedley ask the tough questions. But it’s not only Peggy; the audience gets their chance to ask the tough questions too. And our panelists—the M2M heads at AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint—all welcome the opportunity to field your questions.
From there our breakout sessions are a bit more targeted, but I challenge you to find a theme that doesn’t apply to your business needs: service enablement, how to reach new customers, the challenges of trying out M2M, etc.

Day two we come very strong with an entire track dedicated to 4G in M2M. Our panelists will leave no stone unturned in breaking down the value-chain requirements, thanks to 4G Americas. We even get a global perspective from the GSMA.

Running concurrently to that track will be five vertical market success stories. Plus we have a session on how to successfully move up in the value chain.

In fact, our agenda is so action packed that we thought it was best to host a wrap up at 3:15 on day two where a panel of industry veterans talk about the best way to take all of this great info and apply it to your business going forward.

I am excited, and if you are interested in M2M you should be too!

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