Lessons on the Smart Grid

We’ve been hearing the smart grid is coming for a long time now, but where is it? It seems that oodles of pilot projects have been underway for years. Marcus Torcia of IDC reported recently that there are 230 AMI (automated metering infrastructure) projects underway or planned in North America. But most of them aren’t scheduled to finish until 2015, or so.

I get that it’s a big challenge, and will take a while. But here’s the rub: since the whole point of the smart grid is to eliminate power outages, prevent future rate increases, and avoid building new power plants – all things noticeable only by their absence – how will we know when it’s here?

Last February, I attended the Distributech conference in San Diego to talk with the people who are building out the Smart Grid. I learned a lot about the status of the smart grid and how it will affect us as consumers. While you’ll have to wait for the full download until my July/August Connected World Unplugged column, we’ll be giving you a preview of my take-away “Seven Lessons on the Smart Grid” over the coming couple of weeks.

We hope you’ll stick around for the fun.

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