If you’re planning to defy rising gas prices and enjoy a driving vacation this summer, consider taking it in a 2011 Ford Edge with Ford’s connected car solution, MyFordTouch. The Edge has a lot of family- as well as driver-friendly features, and it comfortably seats four.

One of the best features for a driving vacation is navigation “eco-routes:” The car determines the best route based on fuel efficiency, considering variables such as the number of stop lights, hills, and average speed of travel. When you’re out in the country on an indefinite timetable, why not save some gas and see a more varied route?

The nav system also displays the current speed limit and nearby gas stations when the tank drops to 25%. Handy out in the boondocks where gas stations and speed limit signs may be scare. Another feature great for faraway places is an optional Sirius radio subscription, which ensures you have something to listen to no matter how far you wander out of AM/FM range. Plus you can sync multiple music players to the car, so everyone can take their turn as DJ.

The car is comfortable, handles well, and hugs the road. MyFordTouch takes a little learning, but you’ll shortly be using voice recognition to place and receive phone calls, adjust climate controls, and set destinations. On-steering-wheel rocker buttons and driver displays flanking the speedometer are also great tools geared to give the driver control while minimizing time with eyes away from the road. Patience is key (wait for the tone…!) as is controlling background noise.

My column in the May/June issue of Connected World Magazine goes into more detail: “Two Weeks on the Edge: MyFordTouch Drive Trial.” Enjoy!

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