Holding on to Our Roots

I have been pondering writing this blog all weekend because this is a subject so near and dear to me. I was so excited to see the news report about the rise in ereader download book sales climbing while traditional book sales are remaining somewhat steady. I get asked the following question on a regular basis, “Will ereaders take over traditional books?” Let’s face it; I am an editor and publisher of a technology magazine on connected devices in the M2M sector. We espouse the use of M2M and connected devices on every page that appears on our traditional print magazine and our digital edition. But I am one of those people that believes it is not all or nothing.

I grew up in a time when reporters were taught never to give in to all the politics and we worked hard at our jobs. I admire and still am a huge fan of such professionals as Walter Cronkite, Bob Woodward, and Judith Miller. Some of you might know who of I speak, others may not. These individuals have a better understanding of great journalism. And it’s because of these great journalists I have come to admire and enjoy a great story. Some might even say, as a gritty reporter, I have come to appreciate the joy of cuddling up in bed or in a chair with a good book or magazine and being enthralled in every word on each page.

But, I am also the same editor that enjoys reading a quick book on my Nook. So when the AAP (Assn. of American Publishers) released a new sales report in February I was delighted. The report revealed ebook downloads have tripled! Yep, that’s right, triple-digit percentage year-to-year growth, 202.3% in February. Even audio downloads have seen some nice growth climbing 36.7% compared to a year ago.

Now they are attributing a lot of the increase to post-holiday ebooks purchases and what they are calling “loading,” by consumers who received an ereader device as a holiday gift. It also doesn’t hurt that the book selections on the ereaders are getting much better than when I first purchased my Nook, either.

Tom Allen president and CEO of AAP, concurs both print and ebooks are both here to stay for a while and that consumers seem content with both reading formats.

I know that I do both. I would be curious what you do. So please comment and let me know if you still read print and digital. While the future is here, it’s okay to admit if you’re like me, sometimes we just have to hold on to our roots.

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