Mobile Health: We Want It Cheap

A recent survey on mobile health by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that quite a few people are willing to pay for technology used to remotely monitor their health. However, the survey also found the amount they are willing to pay is often not very high.

About half of consumers said they would buy mobile technology for their health, with 20% of those using it to monitor fitness or wellbeing, and 18% wanting their doctors to monitor their health conditions. So it seems half of these consumers want to keep track of existing health problems, while the other half want to stay fit or prevent new problems from occurring.

Interestingly, 40% of respondents said they would be willing to pay for a monthly mobile phone service or device that could send information to their doctors. However, people want to pay less than $10 a month for the mobile phone services, and less than $75 for the device.

Thinking about the various mobile medical devices and services I have come across, I have trouble thinking of very many that fall into this price range. I’m sure some do exist, but the bulk of products now for sale have price tags that are substantially higher. It seems vendors need to take this survey’s findings into account when offering new devices. Maybe then we will finally see mass adoption of mobile health monitoring.

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  1. The spend levels need to be viewed in the light of the service being offered – is it a basic monitoring service or a more elaborate one with pattern recognition and alert capabilities?

    Also, is the service offered on an occasional or long-term basis. If it is the latter, device subsidies and expenditure smoothing can be accommodated. Consider how many people switch doctors – this kind of (non) churn profile appeals to service providers and can be reflected in the price proposition.

    Finally, consider the example of a slightly more specific service proposition – remote health monitoring. Market research by McKinsey (circa 2009/10) in six different geographies revealed that patients were willing to pay between US$15 and US$58 per month.

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