Apple Works its Magic on TV

As much as I sometimes want to dislike Apple for its secrecy and king-of-the-mountain attitudes, the company continues to capture my imagination. I may have to admit that Steve Jobs and company are just that good. Take today’s announcements for example. I am super delighted by the news about Apple TV and the new iPod Touch. I want one of each, and I want them right away.

The Apple TV box looks so cool. It’s about 4-inches square, and Apple says it is silent, cool to the touch, and uses very little power. The little box wouldn’t take up much room on my TV stand, and I would have instant access to Netflix, YouTube, and iTunes rentals. HD TV shows now cost 99 cents each, a price I would actually be willing to pay.

All these new options for connected TV make my cable subscription seem more and more antiquated. The Apple TV box is $99, about what I pay each month for cable TV. A Netflix subscription is about $9 per month. I have to imagine thousands of other people are feeling the same way, and even if they aren’t leaving cable in droves right now, the wheels have to be turning in their minds about how they can hook up their boob tubes to the Web.

All these technology advancements have me thinking cable companies will move to a la carte pricing for channels. This has seemed nearly inevitable for a while, but I haven’t seen any movement on this front from the cable companies, so maybe they will wait until they are absolutely forced to make a change. It’s anybody’s guess how soon that will be. But Apple TV would seem to be a step in that direction.

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