What’s a Connected Picture Worth?

Amid all the news lately about price slashing in the ereader market; automotive companies trying to one-up each other with in-vehicle systems; and the latest smart meter projections, it’s easy for some other product announcements to get lost in the mix, if you will.

For instance, one that hit the market about two weeks back was the release by Samsung of the ST80 Wi-Fi enabled camera. To me, connected digital cameras seem to fly under the radar when it comes to connected devices. But these things are pretty cool, if you ask me—and a natural introduction to connected devices for some reluctant consumers, but I will get to that in a minute.

People love to take pictures. Don’t believe me? Go anywhere these days and you will see someone taking a picture of something. And given all of the online photo sharing Websites popping up, people love sharing their pictures too. So what better than to get a device that essentially gives you the best of both worlds—picture taking and picture sharing—right in the palm of your hand?

Going on this device alone, they seem rather reasonably priced too. My photo-savvy friends are paying hundreds of dollars for cameras, and the Samsung is priced just under $250. Not too bad for a device that lets you do things like take a picture, upload it to the Web, email photos and videos to friends, if you ask me. You can’t tell me that even those that merely dabble in cameras as a hobby would not be willing to shell out $250 for a device that is unlike any other camera they have owned.

And I think that is where some of these companies are missing the mark when it comes to connected devices. Promote this to the world! I would bet not too many people are aware of these types of products. I think most consumers just need to become aware and that is precisely what we are trying to help out with here at Connected World.

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  1. You’re right, I didn’t know about this new product, but now that I do, I love the idea. Being a mother, this is a prefect way to capture all the important milestones on film and instantaneously share them with grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends. It would save time because I wouldn’t have to go home, upload the pictures, sort through them, then send them out to the various outlets. I could send them to loved ones immediately. Definitely worth the price of admission.