Women of M2M Shine

When we selected this year’s Women of M2M, we went beyond just typecasting the traditional power elite that I suspect most people might have anticipated. Rather, the women chosen this year epitomize what M2M has evolved into today. M2M has grown into this massive machine, so to speak, that is driving all the technology innovation that is sparking the growth of devices and their connections to one another. Much like our industry, these women are inspired, passionate, and very persistent.

The infectious energy of the women just filled the room during our special gathering last week. I was already pretty wowed by our selection after doing months of research on each of the women chosen, talking to their colleagues and business associates, and conducting numerous personal interviews. But nothing can beat the infectious-energy that fills a room the moment you meet these women. And that’s exactly what happened when 20, of the 42 Women of M2M, and even a few of last year’s alums showed up at an awards dinner held just outside Chicago, thanks to supporters Synchronoss, Ford, and Aeris.

It takes a lot to impress me, but this was truly an awe-inspiring evening. Meeting these women face-to-face only proved their resumes lived up to everything I had expected and more. I am certain the five men in attendance were trying to figure out if they should chime in the conversations or just bask in the glow of the success of their colleagues and/or significant others.

It was a night these women would remember for years to come. They had a chance to relax and to be recognized for years of outstanding achievement. As a result, they mingled with other women who are just as determined to find ways in which they can move the needle upward adding to the already 25% of women in the technology workforce. “Inspiration for me is to make a difference,” says Nancy Gioia of Ford. Her thoughts were echoed by most of the ladies who want to make a difference in the lives of younger women and with other co-workers.

The entire group is very committed to building strong social networks for business. While they admit their male counterparts are known to be consummate relationship builders, they need to step it up and develop stronger contacts to get themselves promoted within their own organizations, develop new relationships, and nurture the ones that already exist.

While many had a renewed feeling and a zest for working with each other, there were still a couple ladies that were reluctant to admit they could run with the big dogs. Humble and unassuming, these ladies needed a little encouragement to understand that their achievements were more than well-deserved. So if you haven’t already, please send one of the 42 bluechip women a congratulatory note. I’m certain they deserve it and you will feel better for sending it.

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