2G Sunset Hello 4G, Really?

Let me say this at the outset Orson Wells has nothing on the carriers and MVNOs as it pertains to the 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE connectivity discussions as of late. This is reminiscent of when millions of Americans tuned into a popular radio program featuring Orson Welles doing his now infamous adaptation of the H.G. Wells science fiction novel, “The War of the Worlds” about a Martian invasion of the earth. But think about it for a moment. Everyone is foreshadowing what will happen when AT&T shuts down its 2G GSM network support by Jan. 1, 2017. But it feels like the industry is just trying to stimulate some excitement in the M2M space around this very subject.

It’s like the industry can’t help itself. It’s as if the vendor community figures it can elicit customers to act by the thought of something happening. We can just feel it and we don’t actually know what or who or when it will happen next, but something is happening. We just can’t say enough when it comes to connectivity. Talk on the street is AT&T has already stopped adding and certifying new applications. So that means the shutdown has begun. I’m certain many smaller M2M firms have a lot of questions.

And foremost on your mind is who do you trust? The carriers have truly been a very aggressive group that hasn’t been afraid to get a little ugly during conferences, during interviews, you name it. So this begs the question now, who can you really trust? The fact remains on one end of the spectrum there will be a large number of GSM/GPRS devices that have been deployed that will be impacted. However, for years these companies have been telling us the carriers abandoning 2G connectivity are not to be trusted. But now some of these same vendors are teaming up and it seems they are “frenemies.”  So what are we supposed to tell you now? What advice are we to give you now?

Do you trust their pitch? Is this business in today’s day and age? Many of you that need to make a switch are not at large corporations or you would have just moved to 4G/LTE and be done with it. Rather, many are holding on for as long as you can until the right price and the right partner comes along. So back to my question original question, who do you trust? How to do make the transition? Is there a right or wrong answer?  Have you thought about what your position should be? Have you begun your transition strategy?

To help, we are going to put Aeris Communications, CTO, Syed Zaaem Hosain to the test. Let’s see if he can withstand the rigors of answering some of my tough questions and perhaps some of yours about the sunset of 2G and migrating to 4G. Aeris is one of those companies that touts that it has the answers. Let’s see if that’s true. So if you have some questions you’d like to have answered send them to me and I’ll ask them to Syed during our Webcast May 7. Might as well join the invasion.

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