The wearable market is in full swing and every day I hear about another new product that is going to change our lives. Rarely, do I find a product that I think is so awesome that it’s going to change my life. But what I do find in most cases are the people who are passionate about the product and what they hope to accomplish by solving a real pain point that exists in the marketplace.

For me that is what happened when I met the folks at Revolutionary Tracker, http://www.revolutionarytracker.com/. At first glance, you might say here’s just another smartphone tracker/smartwatch. And you might even add how do these little guys think they are going to compete with the likes of Sony, http://www.sony.com/, or Samsung, http://www.samsung.com/? But once you meet Carrie Schwarz, founder and CEO, and Matt Kassin, CMO, digital strategy you instantly get it. I had the pleasure of interviewing both of them on The Peggy Smedley Show, http://www.peggysmedleyshow.com/, during CES. For me, it didn’t take long to realize this little venture is more than delivering a product, it’s about a vision and innovation.

And at the pace of today’s burst of innovative ideas, I believe that’s what it’s all about. Look at that little thermostat we have all been talking about: Nest, http://www.nest.com/. It was a small start-up that competed with the likes of companies much bigger and better that understood home automation for many years. But here was the difference: Tony Fadell found a niche and in today’s technology world that’s what it takes to move the needle from being a fledgling start-up to selling your company for $3.2 billion.

Now don’t misunderstand, I don’t know if Revolutionary Tracker has that kind of staying power, but it does have a very interesting idea and a very special passion for helping others. It’s a wearable GPS-enabled smartphone that targets the family. It doesn’t want to be all things to all people. It’s a simple one-touch companion that gives loved ones the comfort of knowing a family member’s location and status.

It’s that simple. Most of all, Schwarz gets it. As a parent, she recognizes that we can’t keep track of our kids all the time. But with this new connected device, as parents, we now have the comfort of knowing where our children are at all times. It’s a daunting task for sure and we can’t protect them 24/7, but if our children can communicate with us and we can communicate with them with just one-touch that can ease a lot of fears and add a lot of comfort.

Who would have thought colorful watches, wearable necklaces, and snap-on solutions for everything imaginable that sport one-button SOS commands truly would help to keep family members safe through two-way conversations when and where it’s needed. I think anything that helps promote family connectivity and family values and extends our connections beyond physical boarders when we can’t be there certainly scores high with me. One of my favorite features is that the phone not only tracks a user’s location, but toggling between different screen views makes it easier to get an accurate picture of where a loved one is at any given moment. See it for yourself, these products will be on display at Connected World Conference February 6-17.

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