Is there anything we won’t stick in our mouths? Now it’s an accelerometer. This latest article from Engadget got me thinking about my own addiction. I feel for anyone who has tried, for instance, to quit smoking or to just give up caffeine. It’s hard. You get those terrible withdrawals. Sometimes you sweat. You get headaches. Okay, I get horrible headaches when I try to go cold turkey and give up the 3-4 cups of Chai Tea I drink every day.

While Starbucks loves me, the caffeine is to blame for the addictive chemical that keeps me hooked. But the real question here is am I so hooked that I would turn to putting a sensor in my mouth so that my doctor can reprimand in an effort to break me of my habit? Get real.

We truly have become a lazy society. Or one that has so many addictions it’s just too sad. I have an addictive personality. Okay, I’ll step up to the plate and admit it. Years ago it was Diet Coke. I gave that up when I was fasting for Lent. Now my addiction seems to be Chai Tea.

The last thing I need is my mouth to be connected to my doctor. I put enough crap in my mouth every day, not to mention the crowns and fillings in my teeth that I actually do need, so why in the heck would I want to put a chip in my mouth? I get it. Some of us have no will power. I am putting myself in that group—I just told you about my Chai Tea addiction—don’t laugh—it’s pretty sad. But really, do we have to resort to putting accelerometers in our teeth to solve these problems? What’s next; chips under our fingernails to prevent us from reaching for a Twinkie? I say we need to find another way.

Before these little gizmos can come to market, scientists need to improve on their look and feel. We already have to deal with fillings that look bad enough. These accelerometers look even worse. Let’s hope before these little high-tech fillings come to market the scientists find a way to cure our habit rather than become connected whistleblowers.

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