We are officially in excitement mode about the M2M App Challenge given the recent news about President Barack Obama’s executive order related to open data sets … those same data sets to which we are giving you access June 7-9 in Santa Clara.

President Obama took a monumental step in making government data open, accessible, and machine readable by default, all the while ensuring confidentiality and national security. Check out the video then go ahead and read our latest cover story from Peggy about why this is important.

Then be there Friday June 7 for the kickoff to the M2M App Challenge when representatives from the US Dept. of Energy will be on hand to present open data sets and sone guidance for how to use them.

Open data sets are made available across the board, and touch everything from education to healthcare to automotive to even weather-related information. Here are a few examples of what is currently being talked up:

Healthcare: The Dept. of Health and Human Services recently released new data on fees that hospitals charge, a major step in creating greater price transparency. In other cases, the open data sets can be used for developing new healthcare-related products and services.

Weather: Data related to weather can help feed newscasts, identify weather patterns to essentially help avert danger, or even create better information for insurance purposes.

Consumers: Private companies are using open data to fight credit card fraud; consumers are using open data to reduce energy bills; families are leveraging open data to compare healthcare options; etc.

Public Safety: A host of new apps and tools are accessing government data related to public safety to help in emergency response and planning situations. Leverage the various platforms being made available at the M2M App Challenge, such as Esri, www.esri.com, to incorporate geospatial data into emergency response efforts.

Automotive: Data made available from the Research Data Exchange provides a variety of data-related services that support the development, testing, and demonstration of multi-modal transportation mobility applications being pursued under the USDOT ITS Dynamic Mobility Applications (DMA) Program and other connected vehicle research activities.

In all, the president’s executive order is intended to help fuel new start-ups and entrepreneurs and to stimulate job growth in the United States. I love the fact that our M2M App Challenge is part of that process.

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