So you consider yourself a “subject-matter expert” and not necessarily a “hacker” or “coder?” That means a “hackathon” isn’t your thing, right? I beg to differ.

Case in point, our M2M App Challenge from 2012 when Brian Radmer, an industry solutions manager for AT&T, came in fresh off the street. He had no intention of participating in a “hackathon” yet took home one of the top prizes from the event. The key, he admitted afterwards, was the fact he got work with the deviceWISE platform from ILS Technology, which is designed with the intention of equipping “non-coders” to translate key knowlege onto the platform in order to create great things.

What was provided to Radmer was a deployment kit. The plan was to teach him, through the deployment kit and the platform, the ability to customize the platform in order to acquire data from multiple points, push that through ILS Technology’s cloud, and then customize a portal to company-specific requirements. From there he would be allowed to move that data to backoffice IT application. And he did! All rather smoothly, too.

Now it’s your turn to come in fresh and take home a prize (and even get your mug on the cover of Connected World magazine with an article written by your’s truly!) at our M2M App Challenge in Santa Clara, Calif., June 7-9.

The good news is ILS Technology is back with its cloud-based management portal. deviceWISE is an open platform giving the customer control and ownership of sensitive data. You can create apps that will positively impact energy, automotive, public safety, healthcare, and other initiatives, or even create an app that will help fix existing environmental challenges.

But if this isn’t up your alley, feel free to choose among platforms from:
-Aeris Communications

Now, take one of these platforms, add in the open sets of government data being provided to us by the Dept. of Energy (who will also be on hand to help out) and I think any “subject-matter expert” can do some killer work! And, in the process, you can consider yourself a coder–even if just for one weekend. (FYI, energy drinks and no sleep come with the territory, so make sure you come prepared to play the part!)

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