Have you checked out the toaster that tweets? It has a considerable amount of followers … and it comes from a company named ioBridge. It was designed to be a fun example of how everyday objects can be connected, and more importantly to highlight how an M2M platform can help you create anything your mind can envision.

Well, now it’s time to come see what you can create using the ioBridge platform at the 2013 M2M App Challenge. By now you know the deal:

-The event will be taking place June 7-9 in Santa Clara, Calif.
-We will have representatives from the DOE on hand to help you work with open government data they are providing
-You have the option of using one of (or a combination of) five M2M platforms

I’ve given you the skinny on both OSIsoft and Esri this week, so now let’s look at ioBridge:

This company, which tends to be a bit more hardware centric, will be providing a Connected World M2M Challenge Kit.

 This kit is based on the ioBridge Iota Wi-Fi module that enables instant cloud connectivity for anything.

To control the kit, all you need to do is send simple, RESTful API calls. This allows for Web and mobile app developers to jump right in and control or monitor something connected to the kit using Web standards. On the cloud side, ioBridge will provide channels of open data that developers can pipe into their kits.

Items on the kit include:
-12 General Purpose I/O Pins
-2 Relays
-Temperature Sensor
-Light Sensor
-Servo motor controller
-RGB multi-color LED
-Arduino Shield Header
-USB / Serial Interface

Being that ioBridge emphasizes the hardware aspect to developing, the company envisions the possibility of creating perhaps an actual physical ‘green button’ which lights up based on certain conditions that you wish to monitor (all based off of open data supplied by the US DOE).

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