The 2013 M2M App Challenge is only 30 days away! Have you thought about what you will be creating yet? What are you waiting for? It’s literally one-month away.

Ok, here is the deal. We have access to open government data (thank you, DOE) and FIVE platforms on which you can develop.

1) Access to open government data related to such things as weather patterns, fuel prices, temperature trends, vehicle data, and more. A representative from the DOE will be on hand to present you with the data. He will also have some technical experts on call to work you through all the details.

The idea is to create something that can truly make an impact in the world … help make us more energy efficient or safer on the road, etc.

2) The winner gets a cover story in our next issue. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Each platform promises to provide a unique way to leverage the data in order to create some meaningful apps. Over the course of the next few days I will give you a snapshot of what to expect from each of the five platforms in hopes of helping you narrow your scope–which means when you arrive on June 7 you will be all prepared to start developing that next great app that will change the world.

Today I will tell you all about OSIsoft and its PI System.

Prepare to build apps that can improve fuel efficiency or calculate the best route for a connected car at the M2M App Challenge. OSIsoft will be bringing data for automobiles through the OpenXC protocol and will supply a list of parameters. With this you will be able to take advantage of data related to field consumption rates, GPS coordinates, hard brakes, and more. As an added bonus, Esri (another App Challenge platform participant), which manages geographic information, will also be on hand, and both platforms can be leveraged simultaneously.

Jon Peterson of OSIsoft provides one example: Tracking cellphone drops. “Imagine if you had an application on your phone that was basically telling where you were and how fast you were going and where the drop out were and, of course, the time of day and things like that. You could crowdsource this whole thing and find all the holes pretty quick. Maybe a phone company would be interested in that.”

OSIsoft, in partnership with Lit San Leandro, is also bringing another interesting value proposition to this M2M App Challenge: infinite bandwidth. Want to integrate data from data.gov? You won’t be restricted by the bandwidth of a typical hotel connection at this M2M App Challenge. Optical fiber from Lit San Leandro will be run to the hotel, providing infinite bandwidth.

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