Quite honestly, I stopped using my camera a long time ago. The hassle involved with uploading photos to my computer and Facebook is very unappealing to me. The advent of smartphones has made it much easier to simply snap a photo and share online—rendering cameras nearly obsolete. That is until Samsung released the Galaxy Camera.

I recently had an opportunity to attend a media briefing at a Samsung Galaxy Studio and demo the company’s newest lineup of products. While the camera is sleek and high-tech—running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and AT&T’s 4G mobile network—it is the ease of sharing content that really captured my attention. Using Wi-Fi or 4G, photos can be uploaded from the camera to social networks or other devices, without having to connect to a computer.

Looking beyond the camera, sharing content between other devices is also easy with the S Beam application—available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Using NFC (near-field communication), photos, documents, and playlists can be sent from one phone to another by simply tapping the devices together.

I had an opportunity to test S Beam in the studio and found the functionality to be as simple to use in person as it appears on the Samsung commercials. The caveat? S Beam is only available on the new lineup of Samsung devices, meaning sharing content with other devices could be challenging.

Although, the company also offers TecTiles, which are programmable NFC tags. How do these work? Using a free app, TecTiles can be programmed to launch applications, make phone calls, or send texts automatically. Here is an example: You create a TecTile to call home. You place the tag near your desk at work. As you are leaving the office, you tap your phone to the tag and the call is made automatically.

As another example, the AllShare Play app—which I also had an opportunity to demo—can send content from a smartphone to a smart TV, for example, making it easier to view videos, photos, and music on the small screen.

I have to say, walking away from the Samsung Studio, the ease of sharing content is what impressed me the most. It is a far cry from my old camera that I received as a holiday gift just a few years ago.

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