Connected devices and M2M technology are beginning to permeate into many aspects of our daily lives. And so it comes as no surprise that there are many devices designed specifically to make an at-home chef’s life a little bit easier. As you prepare your home and kitchen for the flood of Thanksgiving guests, you might consider how connected technology can lend a hand in the kitchen this year.

Certainly, one way a chef can connect a kitchen is with smart appliances. So I was excited to learn of Sears officially becoming the first retailer to sell GE’s Billion-enabled products. It seems like we have been waiting on the day of smart appliances to arrive for quite some time. It is certainly no coincidence that this has occurred right before the holidays, I am sure.

Consumers can now purchase the GE Get Connected Start Kit, which includes the GE appliance communication module that will enable remote control of GE’s Brillion-enabled appliances. I like the fact you can receive alerts and manage each appliance’s energy use from a desktop computer or iPhone.

The first GE appliance to work with the Get Connected Starter Kit is the GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater. Other appliances will include a dishwasher, double-oven range, and refrigerator, among others.

While connected appliances might add a little bit of convenience, I started thinking how might M2M lend a helping hand in the kitchen—especially around the holidays?

The iGrill—while not new—can provide aid in the kitchen. The Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer allows the chef to monitor the temperature of the food from an iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, and will even send an alert when the food is ready, allowing the host to interact with guests rather than spending time constantly checking to see if the turkey is done.

Another example of a device for the kitchen comes from Williams-Sonoma. That’s right. One of the top providers of gourmet and professional-quality cookware has a collection of Smart Tools designed to make it easier to listen to music and even chat while cooking.

I would consider it to be more on the outskirts of being a true connected device, but still pretty cool. The Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker can wirelessly deliver sound from any Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker, allowing the chef to listen to music. The device can also be used as a speakerphone for a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

These are just a handful of ways a chef can get connected in the kitchen. Certainly, as innovation continues to gain momentum and consumers demand connected products for the home, we will have more ways to get connected at the holidays.

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