As usual with Apple, there is a rumor going around. This time, it’s the much-hyped “iPad Mini” as the cult of Apple watchers has taken to calling the device. Whether or not the iPad Mini is coming to market soon, I think it’s inevitable that a smaller iPad will eventually hit store shelves.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the sources reporting insider information confirming the existence of the smaller iPad, which it says could be launched as early as this month. I hope the rumors are true, because I think a smaller iPad would be great for the market, as well as for Apple.

The fact is, lots of people want an iPad. But not everyone can afford the current models. A small, less expensive device would open the iPad up to a new pool of potential buyers that I just don’t see Apple ignoring forever. This theoretical iPad would also compete with the sub-$200 tablets out there, such as the Kindle Fire HD and NOOK HD. People have been snapping up these tablets. A Pew Research Center study shows the percentage of tablet owners who use an iPad has dropped significantly during the past year. Today, 52% of tablet owners say they have an iPad, down from 81% a year ago.

It makes sense for Apple to introduce the Mini. People want choice, and a smaller device provides that. Personally, a smaller iPad is appealing to me. I have put off buying a tablet for price reasons, and because frankly I want a device I can easily haul around with me. The current iPad is a bit too large to stuff into my purse, but a smaller model would slip right in, and I wouldn’t be as worried about losing it or breaking it if the investment was a bit lower.

So, Apple, bring on the Mini! No doubt the tech world will go nuts, as we’ve seen before when a new Apple product drops. But allow me to suggest a different name: iPad Petite

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