If you have been following the retail market at all you know that billions of dollars of transactions flow through the means of point-of-sale and mobile commerce every year. What’s so exciting is that mobile payments are far from mature. And when it comes to M2M (machine-to-machine), it’s interesting to see companies like Apriva make big strides to accommodate existing customers as the market soars.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on a company like Apriva, it’s interesting to note that it reported a record high this past year, processing $7.035 billion in wireless transactions, a 27% boost, which incidentally was the company’s best in its 13-year history.

Despite all its success, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based POS powerhouse has had to make some tough network decisions after many customers declared they do not want to make the move from to 2G to 4G and beyond, says Apriva.

As a result, Apriva has decided to partner RACO Wireless to assure 2G coverage will be available “as other carriers retire their 2G networks.” RACO Wireless has stepped up to the place and will make SIM swaps for Apriva customers as they are needed.

While the story in and of itself doesn’t seem to be that newsworthy, what I find most interesting is the way RACO Wireless has approached the market as of late.

Company President John Horn has been very patient, strategic, and almost calculating in his effort to gain a lot of enterprise customers. Horn and Co., have been almost like a wild cat, waiting in the weeds, stalking its prey eagerly ready to pounce. It’s as if every time the other network providers announce they are migrating away from 2G to 4G, RACO is on the scene ready to pick up the pieces.

And it’s no surprise that is what’s happening now. RACO Wireless once again has been chosen as the preferred machine-to-machine provider for T-Mobile to help support Apriva’s point-of-sale customers that use 2G payment terminals. The Apriva news comes on the heels of many other wins for RACO Wireless, of which the list is too long to list here.

Apriva will begin migrating select customers affected by the retirement of existing 2G networks in the next few weeks. Horn, while he won’t mention any carriers by name, chuckles every time he talks about taking away little pieces of business in the enterprise space from another carrier. While he says the other carriers have “no choice because of spectrum issues,” he’s just glad T-Mobile and RACO Wirelsss can help customers meet their needs in the meantime. So as the other carriers retire 2G, RACO Wireless will help customers like Apriva that wish to continue with 2G, at least for the foreseeable future.

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